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JWalk is a Toronto native up-and-coming artist who has unbelievable talent and skills that need to be exposed to the larger public. We’ve already posted some tracks from him, now we grabbed an interview with the emcee from Canada. Find out more about JWalk and be sure to pick up his debut EP ‘Dapper since Diapers’ on iTunes June 18th!

First of all, thank you for taking some time to do this interview with us. No problem! You guys always show love so I’m happy to do it.

Can you tell us a little about what its like in Canada? I Love it here. Our winters aren’t the best but it makes you appreciate the summer that much more! Music wise I feel like we have a really deep talent pool with a lot of different artists and I feel like the worlds been catching on to that lately.

You’re working on a mixtape which will be dropping soon. You already released the first track of it ”Bank On Me”. The beat is extremely dope and the collab with Sam Lachow is just perfect. How did you meet him? We still haven’t met haha. I’m here in Canada & he’s in Seattle so we’ve just chopped it up back and forth online. There was a mutual respect between the two of us and we took it from there. I usually like to work with people in person but regardless I think the track turned out great! We’re looking to meet up in the near future and do a video for the song.

What can you tell us about the upcoming EP you’re working on? What can we expect from the new tracks? What style is it going to be? Dapper since Diapers and its available worldwide this TUESDAY! June 18TH! Mark the date. There’s something on there for everyone. It’s upbeat & fun but I touch on things that everyone can relate to. I just like to approach it with a fun light hearted attitude.  I can safely say it’s not your typical rap album & its something that both you and your grandmother can enjoy.

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years? Sky’s the limit really. I want to branch out into other aspect of the music industry as well. These days as an independent artist, you play a bunch of different rolls and I like that.  Right now I’m just having fun, and if I can stay relevant in music for 15 years with a solid fan base, I’m happy.

If you could perform at any festival/show, what would you choose? I’d love to do Warped tour. That’s a big goal of mine that I’m looking to make happen in the near future. Would also really like to do a show at Webster Hall in New York. I hear great things.

What are your favourite artists right now? People would be surprised to know that I listen to EVERYTHING. I like to take inspiration from all genres. Alt-J, Bastille, Ben Howard, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick, the list goes on. I really enjoy just finding new artists & some of the stuff I listen to is pretty left field.

Favourite drink? Has to be the Devil’s Cut by Jim Beam. It’s a Kentucky bourbon whiskey. That stuff is deadly & I don’t really advise that anyone else drinks it but I always have a good time when I’m on it. After aging when bourbon is  taken from the barrell, there is always a certain amount of whiskey left trapped within the wood of every barrel. That’s the devils cut.

Favourite place to eat? Chipotle Burrito is up there. That place is a godsend.

Anything else you want to tell MUSIC4MONTAGE and your fans? Thanks guys! And be sure to pick up my debut EP ‘Dapper since Diapers’ on iTunes this Tuesday!

Thank you for your time. You’re really talented and I can’t wait to cover the mixtape from you. Hope it will get viral and your fanbase will grow even more.



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