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Jeroen Maas: De Hofnar [Artist Spotlight]


It is pretty hard to mess up a John Legend song as it is, so it is awesome to see what kind of element artists can bring to support one of the best vocalists of our generation. De Hofnar definitely displays some talent with his laid-back bootleg of ‘All Of Me’. He throws together an awesome piano base, an electronic beat, John’s beautiful pipes, and some heart melting saxophone to put the cherry on top. De Hofnar is one of the many artists who is embracing the return of the sax, and it couldn’t make me happier. De Hofnar keeps a low profile. Only receiving scant coverage from other blogs and maintaining a website simply bearing his graphic logo and booking information, De Hofnar maintains a low web presence. About all we know is that the man behind the moniker hails from Tilburg, Netherlands and goes by the name Jeroen Maas.

De Hofnar:


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