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This is Paris Blohm, 23 years old and from Los Angeles. He loves food, tattoos, art, his girlfriend and EDM music. Since the beginning of 2013, Paris Blohm has absolutely been blowing up on the EDM scene. It’s amazing to see how Paris is able to keep getting better and better, each new track he releases somehow manages to top the last. I haven’t been so excited about an up and coming EDM artist with as much potential as Paris. I’m proud that I had the opportunity to have a little interview with this rising star. Get to know Paris Blohm and make sure to download some of his tracks on his Soundcloud page.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to answer some questions for us Paris, I’m sure you are very busy. First why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your musical background. Hey! Musical background… self taught since I was 15.  I’m almost 23 now, I picked up a demo of fruity loops and got hooked since the first open.  As my production skills increased so did my knowledge of musical theory and keyboard skills, sound design, etc.  It was a lengthy process but here I am now!

You’ve made a bit of a change recently. Why’d you decide to move on from your old Parisyte project and start anew as Paris Blohm? I had been Parisyte since the beginning, it was like the egg that started it all.  Now I’ve matured as a producer, and as a person, and Parisyte just didn’t fit me anymore.

What was your very first EDM/ Dance track you heard? Notably, Darude’s Sandstorm.  I’m sure I heard many before then as I listened to a ton of Tiesto and AVB back in the day, but this is the one that sticks out in my brain the most as a kid.

Your tracks ”Presence” and ”You Were Here” aswell, has received a ton of love from the EDM world and my fans, and like you have said, was dedicated to your younger sister Chloe. What about her influenced and inspired you to create these tracks? Everything.  She had MD (muscular dystrophy) and she was stronger than almost everyone I know.  She was lively and accomplished more than her peers and mine combined.  Her strength inspired me to write these tracks.


Now that you’ve established a pretty huge fanbase, could you give us some insight as to what we expect to see from you in the near future?  More tracks 🙂 Possibly a tour schedule, and playing in a city near you!

What is your primary DAW and what are your favorite tools in the studio? FLSTUDIO! the rest is a combination of various 3rd party programs.

Who are your inspirations in terms of other producers and their music? It varies, its more track by track basis now.  The good and bad of everyone kind of sounding similar now adays.  Everyone has their own style, of the same style, so if I hear a great track it’s usually what I’m inspired by nowadays.

If you could play any venue or festival, what would it be and why? Easy, EDC Las Vegas.  I went to raves since the time I started producing, around 16 years old.  I’ve been to 6 EDC’s now and it’s always been a dream to be on that mainstage.


What are your Top 3 played songs on your iPhone? And what was your favorite set of Ultra this year? I have no music on my phone haha! When I’m not in the studio I like to listen to talk radio.  It eases my mind.  Hardwell put on the best ultra set that i had seen, hands down.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why? Porter Robinson would be fun to collab with because I feel like he is one of those producers who could make anything he wants and get away with it.  Many producers can no longer stray outside the box without a strong retaliation from their fans, so working with him would be interesting.  Dirty South or Thomas Gold would be a great collab to work on as well, as I think we would have a strong collab.  There’s many more though as well.

What’s your favourite show/festival you have ever been and why? EDC 2006, first EDC I had been to at the Colliseum @ Los Angeles.

What’s your most memorable moment of your life? What a question haha, honestly I have too many.

What was your most memorable/funny moment while DJ’ing? Well.. last time I dj’d last week I was drinking a beer on stage and it foamed and blasted me in the face.  That was pretty funny.


When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out? I’m not much of a partier, I get crazy during sets but then I like to relax and drink some water after. The natural high is the best one.   Sitting by the pool in the heat is how I enjoy chilling out the most.

What’s your favorite drink? A nice, cold, quality beer. What’s your favorite meal/snack? Food is the answer to that one. What do you drive? Haha a car that runs. A Scion, for now. What kind of watch do you wear? A Michael Kors Favorite sneakers? Vans Are you superstitious? About? I used to be OCD about locking my doors. If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it? Somewhere with my girlfriend.

Well thank you so much for taking some time and we can’t wait to hear what’s next! Anything else you would like to tell MUSIC4MONTAGE and your fans? Thank you for your continued support Koen and I greatly appreciate all the love from MUSIC4MONTAGE and your fans!



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