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Skizzy Mars, Manhattan native on the come up. You may have seen him on tour with G-Eazy. You may know him by some of his top songs including, Douchebag & Pay For You (ft. G-Eazy). You may be a full blown “#1 fan”. Whichever way he’s caught your eye, it’s our best advice for you to keep that eye locked on. Skizzy Mars is an artist that has huge potential in the future.

“Today is a glorious day because it is the day before a glorious day.”

Over the last couple weeks Skizzy has been releasing teaser videos for his upcoming album, Phases. And here’s the best part. Phases releases tomorrow! 3.26.13

This mixtape is a must! If you still want to know more of what he’s all about read this exclusive interview we were able to grab! If you’re like all of us here at Music4Montage, sitting at the edge of your seat awaiting anxiously for the album to drop, spend some of that time reading about the artist.

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Skizzy On Stage

Questions by: Tomas Zenk

Q: How long has “Phases” been in the works? I guess you could say since 2011 when I started this seriously.

Q: How long does it take you to write a song? Depends on how focused I am.  I wrote “High School Girls” in maybe 25 minutes.  Me and Conner Youngblood made “The Come Down” from scratch in like 5 hours, same with “Phases.”  Recently I’ve been revising verses a lot though so it varies.

Q: Where have you done most of the recording? Various studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and L.A.

Q: Who’s your favorite feature on the tape? I love them all.

Q: Are there two versions of the songs “Sirens”? There’s a version I recorded on my macbook when I was 16, yes.  Somebody finding that online and posting it to youtube actually inspired me to hit up J. Fink and remake that.  

Q: Personal favorite song on the tape? Today?  Sideways.  It changes daily though.

Q: Do you think the songs are relatable and can connect to all ages and types of people? I can’t say.  They’re about the shit I’ve seen though, and I’ve seen a lot of shit.  So I hope.

Q: How long have you been into music? I started writing music recreationally when I was around 15.  But I used to fall asleep to music every night in middle school.  It was always a huge interest of mine.  School didn’t interest me that much, but music and sports did.


Q: What’s your stand on major record labels after seeing the success of artists such as Macklemore and Mac Miller? You can just do it another way.  Both ways have proven to work, there are just options now.  You just have to be dope at the end of the day.  

Q: First big musical break? Meeting my managers.

Q: How has growing up in New York affected your music style? It’s everything, man.  Everything I represent is New York.  It’s the best city in the world.  So much musical influence but mostly just walking around is the biggest influence.  

Q: You were born Manhattan, New York. Where do kids go to school in Manhattan? There are quite a few schools in Manhattan.  I went to Browning though on the upper east side.

Q: In a previous interview you said you didn’t have a girlfriend? How’s the love life? Solid.  Girlfriends and tour life…I don’t know.

Q: If you had the chance, would you smoke weed on top of the White House? Yes.

Q: Favorite food joint? Probably JG Melon in NYC.  Burger to die for.

Q: Have you ever been in a major huge insane gigantic brawl? Not really.  I started a huge fight last summer at a club actually but the bouncers broke it up.

Q: Do you think Tom Cruise is good? I’ve never been a huge fan to be honest.  Not since Vanilla Sky at least.  I thought the Tropic Thunder appearance was super corny too.

Q: Are you religious? Not really.  I’m relatively spiritual though.

Q: Ever had to run from the cops? Nope, I’m too much of a pussy.  In New York, that shit won’t fly.  I’ve definitely had some instances where I wish I could have ran from the cops though.

Q: If you had one tip for the musicians on the come up, what would it be? Make sure you’re not limiting yourself creatively.  Try to see and experience as much stuff as possible to broaden your horizons on life, and in turn that’ll make your songwriting that much doper and more diverse.

Q: So, “Fuck 15 minutes of fame” you say. What’s on the horizon? We just announced I’ll be on the Welcome To Forever Tour with Logic starting in May. We’re going to a lot of the places I went on the Must Be Nice Tour and some more so I’m stoked for that. And of course music, 2013 will be an epic year for us. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me so far.

Skizzy On Stage (2)

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