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Vicetone, never heard of them? Well, let me help you change that. With 750,000+ video views on their You Tube channel, 70,000+ Likes on their Facebook page,and 12,000+ followers on their Soundcloud page this producer/DJ duo from Groningen, Netherlands is ready to show us all what Progressive House & Electro is all about.  Definitely my favorite upcoming duo from the whole electronic scene. Read the interview we were able to grab with them below!

Ruben & Victor, first of all, happy birthday to Ruben as you turned 21 last week!  Thanks for taking some time to do this interview with us! It really means a lot for us to have the chance to interview you guys. It’s our pleasure, we’re  very thankful for all the support M4M  has provided since the start and we’re  more than happy to do something in  return!

Why the name  Vicetone? The name resulted after combining  two words that we both thought sounded  cool for an artist name. Ruben liked  Vice and Victor thought Tone was cool,  and so Vicetone was born!

Tell us about  how you guys got started and how  you guys got involved in EDM.  I (Ruben) was 11 when I first got in touch with dance music, I got Tiësto’s album “Just Be”. I listened to it every day for months and I’ve been hooked on dance music ever since.

I (Victor) got  hooked by friends showing me really cool  and melodic dance music and of course  by the radio in Holland that has  been playing EDM for a really long  time already!

What artists would you say  are your greatest musical inspirations?  Eric Prydz, Tiësto, and Swedish House Mafia.

Are there any  challenges that come with working in a  duo as opposed to solo? What are  the benefits of working as a duo? It’s a lot of fun to  work on music with a friend, and  we work really well in the studio  together. We constantly bounce ideas off  each other and a lot of our best  tracks are a combination of a lot  of different ideas of both of us. Yes they did it. Nicky Romero in the studio working on the track with Vicetone, will be released by Protocol Recordings (from Nicky) soon.

Now I know you  guys come also from the Netherlands, how  do you think Vicetone became such a  big name so fast? You’ve been on  my radar since September 2012. We wouldn’t say we’re  a big name yet; we’re still very  new to the scene. But we’re happy  with the growth so far, every track  we release does better than the last  one, and we think it’s the result  of hard work. We work 7 days a  week in the studio and we’re very  productive. We couldn’t have done this  without the passion for music and all  the feedback we get on our tracks  every time, that’s what keeps us really  motivated. We love all the feedback we  get on all our tracks and while we  can’t reply to every comment, we do  try to read most of them!

Not every 20  year old duo producers from Groningen  becomes succesful when starting producing.. I wouldn’t call us successful  yet, we still have a lot to achieve.  But we’re very excited for the future!

How come you guys picked a speech from Barack Obama for your production ‘Hope’? You two are from Holland, not from the United States? We aren’t big  on politics at all,  but when Obama  won the presidency, his victory speech  video surfaced all over the internet.  So we decided to click on it, and  while listening to it, we thought it  would be very cool to try to build  a track around it, because we thought  it wasn’t really done before in the  way that we had it in mind. We’re  happy that we did it because the  song did really well!

Your music productions are always perfect. Full bodied by uplifting melodies and superb bass lines and well organized transitions alongside the vocals. How did you guys made it all so perfect? Well thank you! We’ve worked  very hard to achieve our sound and  it’s been a long learning process. We’ve  been listening to dance music for so  many years now that we knew a lot  of songs, techniques and terms already  before we began to produce, so we  took that knowledge with us when we  were starting out.

You guys are one of the fastest growing EDM artists out there, as far as listens, YouTube views, Facebook likes. What’s the secret? Good music! And a good  work mentality – we work in the  studio every day and we actually feel  bad when we´re taking a day off;  it feels like we´re slacking. Hard work  will get you really far, and we always  aim to try new things / sounds with  every new production that we do, so  we keep learning and improving.

So what’s the next step  for you guys? Touring? Any big projects  you two are working on? We´ve got a lot of exciting  releases in 2013, including more originals,  vocal collaborations, remixes and collabs with  other artists that inspire us. We just  finished a couple of original tracks with  Jonny Rose and Collin Mcloughlin that  we’re very excited about! They are both  great singers, you should look them up.

And we´ll  definitely be  going on tours this year, so keep  a close eye on our Facebook page!

Alright, last words  to MUSIC4MONTAGE and your fans. Go. Thanks  for taking some time! 2013 should be  a huge year for you guys as I  will help you guys show no signs  of stopping. Thank you all for the  wonderful support you´ve given us so  far, we´re grateful for every single  fan! Keep a close eye on our Facebook  page, because we might be playing in  a city near you this year… And Koen, thank you for having us and showing us support since the beginning, we really appreciate it!

Listen to their latest release now – potential summer house hit of 2015:


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