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Hey people! We are starting a new section, focused on interview artists we are supporting. Starting off with Luvi, where you might have heard from. Luvi is a young talented rapper/singer from Cleveland, Ohio, who signed a record deal with 1st Round Records when he was 15. So listen and download some tracks from him and read what he told us when we had the opportunity to talk with him.

You grew up in Cleveland Ohio. Did growing up here influence your music in any way? ‘’Um yea definitely, Cleveland has always been rap oriented. That’s definitely influenced my music a lot’’.

So who are some of your biggest inspirations in the music industry? For example who do you look up to the most? ‘’Um probably… well there is like so many but, if I was to narrow it down to like three, probably like Drake, just how he like incorporates singing and rapping. Uhh Sammy Adams, he’s on my record label as well so he has like the pop sound, but also raps so he’s in the same topics. And probably, like Mac Miller, he’s dope.

So for everyone that doesn’t know, you signed with 1st Round Records when you were only 15 years old. Explain that for our viewers? ‘’Well that was actually pretty crazy, I sent them my music, uh probably once, I sent them three songs, and they actually didn’t like it the first time hah, so I got rejected, but three to four months later I sent them three new songs and my manger saw them and said I seen this kid around, and he liked it allot the second time. So they actually sent me a beat to go in on, and they signed me up after that because they liked what they heard’’

‘’Natural talent haha’’ ‘’Yea exactly haha, they flew out and we signed a deal and everything so yea’’.

What makes you different from all the artists that are out there right now? Because there are so many new artists trying to get their names out there. ‘’Um I think my age has allot to do with it, and there’s not allot of 17 year olds breaking through. I mean Mac is an example of that but there’s not many, and I think how I incorporate many different genres, it’s not just like rap or hard rap, it’s got those pop influences and I like sing and stuff. It’s not just like one genre it’s very versatile and different.’’

In December 2012 you released the mix tape Cleveland’s Kid. The thing that we love about it is the diversity of the tracks. How did you reach a decision to go ahead with that? ”Well I’ve always been a fan of like, tons of different music you know. I’ve never listened to one guy all my life; I went from hard rock to RnB and stuff. I like to make music that I like to listen to you know and that involves putting different genres in it. But yea I’ve always liked rap so I like to mix it into different genres, so yea that’s the main influence for ‘Cleveland’s Kid’. ‘’

So what are you currently working on? ’Uh so yea I’m working on my third mix tape now, and that should be out in about three to four months, and there’s no title for it yet but after that we will probably put an EP on iTunes, like four or five tracks. So that’s where we are right now. ‘’

How long have you been working on that one? ‘’ So we are probably going to use the ones we didn’t for ‘Cleveland’s Kid’ because they didn’t clash with the project so we saved a couple tracks, those will probably be on the next mix tape. And i mean I’ve been working on that since we dropped ‘Cleveland’s kid’. ‘’

What can we expect from the new tracks? What style is it going to be? ‘’I would say maybe a little more of an electronic feel, I wouldn’t put it under the category of pop, a little more hip hop on some tracks. But I definitely want to keep my rap because that’s were I feel most talented. Maybe a little more mainstream tracks but nothing overwhelming, more EDM I guess, kind of like Florida, but yea there’s always going to be a variety in my music.’’

Where will you be this time next year? ‘’I don’t know man, I just need to keep expanding the fan base, I don’t want to like predict anything haha. But I just think we are going to keep growing. I think the next mix tape will be great. I need to keep finding inspiration and touch all the fan bases.’’

Ok, well thanks for letting us take some of your time, any last words to the fans and MUSIC4MONTAGE viewers? ‘’Uh yea, well I love your site by the way, I like it a lot, and you can hit me up on twittersound cloud … but yea I love the MUSIC4MONTAGE fans and I love the site a lot.’’


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