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Woodworks, Riesling - Broken Down (feat. Joey Busse)

After his previous successes on Diepgraven reaching over 3 million streams on Spotify, German producer Woodworks now presents his next follow-up single on Diepgraven. His sixth single ‘Broken Down’ again features Woodworks’ typical relaxed blend of pop and chill house. This time the German is joined by Dutch producer Riesling who is a rising star in the tropical/chill house scene, together with chillout vocals by Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Joey Busse. This trio created this masterpiece by combining the different elements with a chill-out vocal. So get ready to listen to this track to make your ‘Broken Down’ times better.

“Broken Down' is about the feeling when you are in a relationship and nothing is holding you together anymore and fear the relationship is about to end.”


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