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VIRDU – Hold Me Now (feat. Alice Comerford)

Artwork by Jort van Meeteren

You have probably never heard of him, but that will be different very soon! With the release of his track Hold Me Now, VIRDU makes an entry that will hardly go unnoticed. It is a high-paced and happy sounding piano house track that brings an energetic sunny feeling.

British singer Alice Comerford’s emotional vocals top off the track with an uplifting vibe. With several other projects up his sleeve, VIRDU is ready to make a lasting impression in the scene! Will you hold me now?

“After meeting in college and both having a passion for summer house music, it felt only natural for Alice Comerford and VIRDU to combine forces and create something that matched that love for house music. With the aim to create a piece of music that would be remembered for its catchy vocal hooks, piano chords and amazing melodies, Josh and Alice have worked to ensure this song sticks in the listeners mind. So sit back, grab your summer parter and ask them to ‘Hold Me Now’.” VIRDU


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