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Patrick Lite – Close To Me

Patrick Lite - Close To Me V3 (1)

Patrick Lite, a Dutch producer focussed on deep, chill and melodic tunes, known from previous releases on 1daytrack and Soave Records, makes his debut on Diepgraven Records. He always links his tracks to experiences he had with nature. When he is not behind his computer creating tunes, you can find him wandering through the forest. In 2018 Patrick and his girlfriend Anouk travelled the world for almost half a year. The deserted Mongolian steppes, the blue Indonesian ocean and the Australian mountains turned out to be the inspiration for this track. This chilled out melodic Deep House track gave us the right feeling from the moment we first heard it. We love how minor chords can feel “so close to me”. The saxophone makes this track right for this time of the year. Have a listen and save or download it here or by clicking the image below!

Every time I see You’re close to me And feeling so alive and free Baby let us be You and me Baby let us be together You and me (x4)


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