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Deep Chills – Waikiki

Deep Chills - Waikiki 3 [FINISHED]

Deep Chills, born in Milan as Gianmaria Sanna, started his affection with music by taking up guitar lessons at the age of 14. He quickly progressed to producing music although he originally started out producing hip hop beats, which later transgressed into EDM. It was when Deep Chills originally heard New Orleans by Naxxos when he knew he had to start producing in a genre later to be known ‘tropical house’. Tropical house is the definitive dance genre of 2015 so far. This original composition should bring to mind a certain beach immediately with its title and its warm, melodic arrangement. Don’t bother bringing a metal detector to “Waikiki” as the treasure is out in the open with Deep Chills’ characteristic saxophone and dreamy guitar harmonics and pads. Currently over 6.000.000 plays on Spotify, 1.200.000 plays on Soundcloud and 2.300.000 plays on YouTube.

He broke through in this genre in 2014 by remix tracks into very popular melodic deep house adaptations. Inspired by artists like Naxxos, Matoma & de Hofnar he reached extraordinary numbers on Soundcloud with both his remixes like You Got The Love and originals like Waikiki, Feelin’ Good and Lighthearted. With remixes on Ultra Music, Universal, Ego and his first proper original releasing on Miami Beats, we can be sure to hear a lot from this Italian producer in the future.

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