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AUGUSTKID, Lively, Elska - You’ll Be Fine

After racking over a million streams on his first release ‘My Darling’, Italian producer AUGUSTKID is back with his second release on Diepgraven. ‘You’ll Be Fine’ is a chill house track that captivates you right from the start. Together with young Argentinian producer Lively, he combines different beats, an acoustic guitar, and smooth vocals from French sing-songwriter Elska to create a perfect lounge/chill-out track. Listen to AUGUSTKID, Lively and ELSKA when you feel down and this trio will make sure ‘You’ll Be Fine’ all the time you listen to this beautiful song.

‘The song is dedicated to everyone feeling pain and sorrow over losing a loved one and when everyone tells you you need be strong, you don't have to be, you are allowed to cry, and eventually, You’ll Be Fine.


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