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Addy Ace, LAT.59, Saga Sneitz - When Friendship Dies

Swedish producer Addy Ace makes his first appearance on Diepgraven with ‘When Friendship Dies’. This talented Swedish producer walks in the footsteps of his idols Avicci and Kygo by releasing different tropical house tracks. Addy is joined by Swedish producer and songwriter LAT.59 & female vocalist Saga Sneitz. This combination of artists presents this chill house track filled with different chilled-out elements and beats. The beautiful vocals of Saga give just that bit extra to the track and create that perfect chillout vibe. So get ready to listen to this new release and think of those old friendships that died over the years and would be nice to reconnect with!

“This track is about friendship and that sometimes you have to end it because someone caught feelings for the other one.”


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