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We had the opportunity to talk with Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps right after the release of the ‘Fresh Start EP’. My apologies to the fans and Shelton x Tyler for the gig delay but finally it’s online. The duo dropped the Fresh Start EP back in March, their first together following Shelton’s first EP, Nothing’s Better, that convinced him to take his career seriously. For someone who is not really famous yet Shelton’s work is extremely well done and became even better after he has made this EP with his production partner Tyler Dopps. During the interview you will get to know both persons, it’s a really long interview. But for the real fans, it’s worth it! And for the one’s who are interested in this extremely talented rapper from Seattle where they might have heard of at XXL or at the Sasquatch festival.

Shelton Harris and Tyler Dopps are having their first headlining show at The Crocodile in Seattle on June 16th with Mike Champoux and Kung Foo Grip. Our Northwest Representatives will attend the show and make a great video about it. Stay tuned for that and enjoy Shelton’s little freestyle at 29:27 aswell. And my apologies for the issue with the audio, couldn’t fix it unfortunately…

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XXL SHORTLIST: Hometown: Seattle by-way-of Bremerton, WA Twitter: @SheltonRaps Favorite songs: “Wake Up” and “Put Me On” Sounds like: An introspective Mac Miller, cut from the cloth of 1990s East Coast rap. Why you need to know him: Listening to his catalog, it’s clear that Shelton is looking to bring a sense of honesty to the game. His subject matter is positive and upbeat, and with Macklemore paving the way for guys like him it shouldn’t be too difficult for Shelton to find crossover success. A fun fact: He was also one of the stars in the video of Mack & Ryan Lewis’ hit song “Same Love.”


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